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Called by Truth
Tapping the higher mind; opening to the Divine
A ring of light; a string of universes 
21st-Mar-2004 02:23 pm
Here's what I saw.

A ball of light hurtling through an endless series of rings. Like a circus animal jumping hoops, only more direct, more like a rocket.

Only the light wasn't traversing hoops exactly, but milky crystalline spheres-- like a 3-dimensional snowflake or white bone china. Fractally intricate. And the light traversed them one by one, lighting each one up in turn.

Each sphere was a static snapshot of the entire universe. A still model of the universe, in which every detail was faithfully reproduced, but frozen.

As the light plunged on, it would light up each sphere for a tiny instant. There would be the flare of experience. Then it would move on to the next sphere.

I understood the light as consciousness, blazing from one spherical "snapshot" to the next. Time only happens because this consciousness was moving through the series of model-universes, these successive series of film-sets which are otherwise inert.

The string of universe-pearls extended infinitely in both directions, but there was a slight inward curve that suggested the whole thing looped around eventually.

Now: tell me what you see.
21st-Mar-2004 05:25 pm (UTC)
Was the curve inward and upward, suggesting a coiled path like a slinky? Or perhaps inward and upward like up the side of a cone? (Progress)

Or, perhaps the curve finds its way back to the original point? (Cyclic)

I see the light going in circles up the side of a cone, with the universal snapshots containing less and less space between them as you get nearer the top, in a geometric fashion.

As you get nearer the apex you notice that the next sphere is exactly half way between the sphere you just traversed and the top of the cone. This is always true, and you have become Achilles chasing the tortoise, always gaining but never passing.

You reach the apex after a finite amount of time but also after an infinite amount of experiences. Somebody watching your progress from a distance sees you reach the top after a short time, however to you as the traveler the journey takes forever.

Then, the next moment starts and you begin again at the bottom of the cone--the entire trip from bottom to top takes but a moment of your life and is repeated a countless number of times over the course of every second.

Each moment follows the same path, but the illumination of each sphere on the way up is slightly different each time as a combination of memory and free choice tint each sphere with a new color until the kaleidescope of experience evolves into a lifetime.
21st-Mar-2004 06:00 pm (UTC)
(the succession of universes was cyclic for me.)

repeated a countless number of times over the course of every second.

Cool! This reminds me of a string of lights on the blitz on a Christmas tree, giving a shimmering jeweled light.

So would we all traverse that same cone, en masse? single-file? Or do we each get our own cone to traverse? If there are multiple cones how are they arrayed in space?

In my vision, I interpreted the ball of light as the amalgamation of all the consciousness in the universe (so a God-consciousness), moving at once into one frame of the entire universe, and then moving on and leaving that universe-frame now plunged back into inertness. So there would be many universe-snapshots, with only one consciousness "reading" them. Our impression of having individual consciousnesses would be something of an illusion.
21st-Mar-2004 06:48 pm (UTC)
I was going for a vision of eternity-in-the-present-moment theme.

When I wrote it, I was thinking of an individual, but now that you ask I think I would arrange all of the cones into a moving and fluctuating array such that as you travel upwards in your own cone, you pass through spheres attached to cones of other individuals as their cones pass close-by. The movement of cones relative to each other means from time to time you interact with different individuals in different ways. (I can see a technology such as livejournal deliberately designed to direct and encourage certain interactions like this...)

As you would back away, the effect would be like holographic film--that every small part is an exact replica of its larger part. You go from the individual cone, to a family, to a community, to a nation, etc., and when you back all the way up you see all of the cones collectively forming one massive universal cone. That way you have both the individual consciousness as well as the amalgamation of all the consciousness.
28th-Mar-2004 10:23 am (UTC) - wow
Your words are echoed almost exactly in a visonary work called "The Starmaker" by Olaf Stapledon.

I have a free html copy if you want it in email, email me.

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