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Called by Truth
Tapping the higher mind; opening to the Divine
24th-Mar-2004 11:03 am
Today's symbol is:

The spike, the sting, the quill, the thorn

that protects the cactus, the angry wasp;

sleeping beauty in her sea of briar;

and swarming ants with stings of fire.

The spire, the prick, the lance, the horn...

the steady needle for the lost

the finger pointing toward the sky

a stone church reaching with its spire

Instructions follow:

The basic principle of the imagination: "ask and you shall receive."

At some point in the day, you will have a mental image related to thorns, needles...etc.

Allow yourself to play with that image. It might even give you insight into your current life situation.

Come back and report. Have fun!
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