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Called by Truth
Tapping the higher mind; opening to the Divine
greetings folk, I would hardly consider myself a visionary.… 
27th-May-2004 05:46 pm
greetings folk,

I would hardly consider myself a visionary.

However, I consider the rite of mind a highly necessary evolutionary cause.

I came upon this through browing the interest of "Alan Watts".

When I read "The Wisdom of Insecurity" at 20, it completely opened my eyes to
the functionality of what many would call "my neuroses".

I think there is an untapped power of mind and idea that our current century is only
at the precipice of discovering.

I look forward to "watching" for now, and seeing where this group goes.


28th-May-2004 03:28 am (UTC)
Yes, neuroses are on some level a coping strategy for our problems. We employ them because at one point they did work. But when we start engaging the neurotic thought or behavior even when there is no clear problem, then the neurosis itself has become a burden.

I started up the community, but it has been very quiet, because I realized we each have our own way of accessing the light of pure consciousness, and it doesn't necessarily make sense to decide on a "standard" way. We can all encourage each other on the path, but each one of us will follow a resolutely individual, unique path.
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