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Called by Truth
Tapping the higher mind; opening to the Divine
Looking for enlightenment? (x posted to my journal) 
28th-May-2004 01:03 pm
I started this community to develop intuition, but have pretty much neglected it. Why?

First reason: Because I realized that we each have our own way of accessing the light of pure consciousness (mine are yoga and musical improvisation), and that it doesn't make sense to try to decide on a "standard way." Indeed, if there were a standard way, it would be zen meditation. Zen meditation is quite pointless really, that's the whole point of it. You get a good taste of the futility of the ego's games when you confront the naked emptiness of existence. You bore down to the pulsating energy of consciousness and matter. Music and yoga are just as meaningless, but at least they are fun and delicious, which is why I prefer them. Zen meditation is a kind of formless art. But why indulge in formless art when you have so many form-ful arts to choose from?

Second reason for my neglect of this community: Because developing intuition just for its own sake is a bit like pumping iron to develop one's muscles. Schwarzenegger has way more muscle than any human really needs. It's helped him in a cosmetic way to get film roles, but it's all a bit hollow.

It would be more natural to tune into our intuitions when there is a clear need to, when the context requires it. Our intuition is always there anyway, responding to each situation we come across.

So, yes, more and more I see why Krishnamurti would have said there are no paths in the realm of truth. We are bathed in healing and inspiring light, we are made out of the stuff, and still we go around looking for it. Sometimes quite studiously, earnestly, clinging to what "technique" we may have picked up from whichever religious tradition.

Do you seek enlightenment? Well, ask yourself, what will you do once you attain it? Help people? Write an opera? Travel around the world? Live your dreams? Chances are you can live your dreams now. Go to the heart of life. Love and create right now, without waiting for enlightenment, because loving and creating are the path to enlightenment. When you love and create, day after day, your intution will naturally flourish.
28th-May-2004 11:26 pm (UTC)
I'm going to copy this post and share it with friends.

You have magically and succinctly traversed the chasm.

1st-Aug-2004 04:55 pm (UTC) - What was Krishanmurti's intention?
Krishnamurti rarely talked about meditation. He did a good job telling people that there is actually no path to enlightenment, BUT this he said after that he had experienced some kind of awakening. Krishnamurti meditated daily for many years and travelling around the world was certainly not his message, as you guys may understand too ;). He just wanted to make a common sense aproach to the questions of life, without all this talk about the important of meditation. But my guess is that Krishnamurti meditated just as much as the average zen master. That's just my opinion and I haven't actually read very much of his writings, but I have heard others saying this too.

peace, Edvard
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