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The Mandala of the Curve of Developing Consciousness 
27th-Jul-2004 10:44 am
a pastorale in two movements

Duration is a state whose movement is not worn down by hindrances.
It is not a state of rest, for mere standstill is regression. Duration is rather the self-contained and therefore self-renewing movement of an organized, firmly integrated whole, taking place in accordance with immutable laws and beginning anew at every ending. The end is reached by an inward movement, by inhalation, systole, contraction, and this movement is directed outward, in exhalation, diastole, expansion.
-I Ching

This recent cosmic ebb has surely been the most emotionally taxing cycle I've endured this year.
Certain aspects of my life - namely work and school - seemed to wax fruitious in seemingly autonomous detachment to the perilous mental discord I endured in limbo.
It's been several years now that I've been able to course these diastolic segues without the disruptive self-sabotage that I used to succumb to.

A few weeks ago I rediscovered Jose Arguelles' Mandala in my library.
I had a period around 19-20 where I constructed many mandala - but without the experiential knowledge of age. There is reference in this book about the deconstruction of the mandala - on removing the detritus of a defunct structure and coring away old methodologies to arrive back to a singular point of departure.

Orientation requires a central position.


Having mastered the crawl . . . . more prepared now to stand.
28th-Jul-2004 02:27 am (UTC) - mandala
Thanks for this intriguing post. When you say you constructed many mandala, what medium did you actually use?

All the elements of your life, friends, family, house, work, can be seen as constituting a dynamic mandala, with your awareness at the center.

One of Tantric Buddhism's core techniques is to visualize a mandala in the mind which symbolically stands in for the external mandala of reality, and to manipulate this inner mandala in order to effect changes in the outer mandala. A kind of magic.

28th-Jul-2004 06:13 am (UTC) - Re: mandala
Several of them were drawn.
One I made of various paper and gave it doors and windows.
One of scrap photograph pieces.
Some merely of words.

I like that idea - that all the elements of your life are a dynamic mandala. I'm generally aware of the physical correlations and applications of the mandalic process, but for some reason - that essential notion has a greater clarity for me this morning. Thanks for putting it that way.

I just bought some canvas and I'm going to start my first painted mandala.
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