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Called by Truth
Tapping the higher mind; opening to the Divine
substitutive meanings 
26th-Nov-2004 09:28 am
x-posted to astrotheism, rokkitz, ecstaticvisions, omnibiosis:

after hours in an interminable training session that recalled that semester in process control class, i realize again that i am no longer just an engineer. (this sort of this might seem obvious at this point, but yet...) one of my selves was snoozing during a lesson delivered by the city-engineer on his new process control systems. half-sleeping throughout the all-day workshop, my relaxed filters let strange things through... subtext coming through loud and clear. another of my selves was at a lecture by Dr. Frankenstein, getting lost in the intricacies of his monstrous child. "gaze upon my creation!" maybe he said. i might have understood him better if his hand-outs had been ready. and i wasn't taking any notes. it was like snoozing at the symphony.

in general, i aspire to be an astute apprentice to the universe. even only half-paying attention, i got the gist of what he was saying. i worked through years in school for a set of unique tools to decode this world. and though alchemy was the furthest thing from my course of study, somewhere along the way, i began to hear a language without words, the language that informs the pattern.

it does not take much of a stretch of the imagination, nor is it particularly original, to compare the workings of any distribution system to the network of the body. arteries and capilliaries, filters, reservoirs, electrical systems, hydraulics. electricians to maintain and repair the local "nervous systems". distributions people that control the "vascular system" of the City's reservoirs and main "arteries" (which then lead into "capillaries"), making water move by pressure differentials. filtration operators at the "mouth" to oversee the purification process, sewage operators at "the other end"...

during his ramblings, the Mad Engineer said "abracadabra" a few times and waved his arms. no pOuF! nothing happened. he was opaque as ever. Obscuration is antithetic to the Point. it is Anathema. but it *is* amusing... black-box transformations. the cryptic and obtuse lacks something to make it intelligible. a cypher of some sort. a key to open and clear communication. a symphony of tones and oscillations. multi-channel audio track of sawtooths and sinusoidal rhythms.

Secrecy is the Ogre at the Gate. the secrecy of alchemy is a sort of lunacy, sort of ridiculous. the guards are there, i guess, to reinforce the lessons learned getting there. one must do to know and in a practical sense all knowledge guards itself. chemical engineering and the science and mathematics in general has about it the cryptic crunch of qabala, the tarot, alchemy, all "esoteric conceits"... codes are conceit, masks to disguise and confuse simplicity behind occultism and the mythology of secrecy. the ogre was you (or at least wearing your skin, in some ridiculous mythological reference)... perhaps was never autonomous at all, a simulacra. you search for clues writ on the golem's forehead but no trace of the Hand that Writ is to be found.

a crysal cascade of communication, refractive formulae, equations and algebraic transfomations. alchemy is a language of substitution and transformation. chemical engineering is the physical expression of a language of processes and transformations. the same might be said of the "charged" practice of algebra and balancing equations, alchemy has a Purpose: purification. evolution. alchemy bends flux towards "betterment" (like my synergetic practice of yoga). it is a symbol of the creative principle that brings beauty from the Void, gems and treasures from the Land of Nod. it is spontaneous... order for free... the pattern-language is also a language of transformation....

i have a theory (some of that Laffoley is getting through!) that part of the experience with Mystery is that sensation that you're the verge of some breakthrough. it is the carrot-on-a-stick defense mechanism of the Mystery. the information isn't static. it's not just "out there", passive, objective. penetrate the center of the Mystery to find that you won't crack the conundrum. i think this is what Laffoley means by the reversal of the active/passive roles of the knower/known..

the variable, the constants, the set points are entities that hop and clamour for attention. are there voices for me where for others there are none? these are manipulable symbols in a equation-sigil, to be navigated by and transformed. the engineer exercises his creative potential to seek physical expression in application from the pure scientific and mathematic principles. micromicro and megamacro transformed and normalized to the meso (the apprehendible band of human experience). inperceptible energies channeled into a physical vessel to process the living essences of the universe. water like mercury in a myriad/panoply of phases. butterflies, or demons, locked in parenthetical existences. this is the motherload. it's a mnemonic structure that you could get lost in, a contemplative tool, a model of the universe as a projection of the human. a gigantic Hypersigil made of Water.

but the point is not to be obtuse. or caught up in the corners of the engineered hypersigil. if what is real is symbolic, could what is symbolic be real also? why do we stop at metaphors and analogies? why not actually treat it as such? the City is alive, but is it a child or a monster?
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