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Called by Truth
Tapping the higher mind; opening to the Divine
Let there be Light 
17th-Mar-2004 01:39 pm
Here's a suggestion for the first subject. (please read the community guidelines to know what all this is about)


It's the "light" in enlightenment.
It's God's first creation: "let there be light"
It is instrumental in vision, and hence in how we conceive the world.
And, it is the constant by which physicists measure space and time.

As this is the first post, first-timer instructions follow.

If you don't immediately get a burst of inspiration, no worries! Here's what to do.

Take some time to relax.

Practice the meditative mind
(following your breaths and stilling your thoughts).

Visualize the topic: light. Really try to see the light in your mind's eye, see it being created in the sun, see it speeding through the universe, see it in water, on clouds, in a prism, on a lover's face, slipping up a stone wall at dusk... This is how you access your intuitive mind: through imagination games.

Now, write what you see.

Or better yet, let "light" percolate in your subconscious while you go about your daily activities, and wait for a vision to come.

I absolutely garantee that this works! And that the longer you practice it (meditation/visualization), the more you get out of it. (To him/her who has, more shall be given...) Indeed, even if you have already written down something before taking the time to meditate and visualize, I strongly urge you, in the spirit of the game, to actually do the meditation and write a second vision. Have fun with this!
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