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Called by Truth
Tapping the higher mind; opening to the Divine
not one of my better ones... 
13th-Sep-2005 06:51 pm
Give my eyes time to adjust to this new light.
Leave me with my thoughts that seem to be as scattered as the stars.
Let this information sink in before you judge too harshly.
Because I care.

What's happened to you, may I ask?
You aren't the same person.
Has the city lights confused you?
Can you not tell when the sun rises and falls?

It's fallen let me say...
And it's all over now.
There was never anything here for you anyway.
I never gave you that impression,
and if I did believe me when I say I'm sorry.

Believe me when I say I never meant to hurt you.
Trust my words whispered to you this night.
Open your eyes and adjust to the night, as I adjust to the light.
And we'll go on.
We'll go on seperately because that's the way it should be.

That's the way it should stay.
Go ack to your nights in the city and pretend that everything's alright.
And I'll slink back into my nights with the stars and the moon, we'll go on, we'll pretend, and we'll live.
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