Called by Truth

Tapping the higher mind; opening to the Divine

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Are you intuitive? Do you think in images?

Are you ready to take dictation from reality?

In this community, we will tap into our higher minds. The part of the mind that is closer to the divine-- the part that thinks not textually, but in poetry, images, music, movement, sensations, smells.

Have you ever had an enlightenment experience (no matter how brief) or a glimpse of God? The hallmarks of such an experience are: "time suspended" "all is united", luminosity, vastness, a musical silence, a feeling of great compassion and warmth...

If so, consider yourself a prophet! You are in good company: Thoreau, Whitman, Merton, Watts, Krishnamurti, Rumi, Rimbaud. These people followed their own paths to the divine, often independently of any doctrine or dogma.

How the community works: a member will post an open-ended question. We will take some time to meditate and visualize on the subject. If we have a vision to report, we report it, in whatever medium we chose: poetry, prose, painting...

Some general guidelines.

Respect. People's intuitive visions are very intimate territory, so be respectful. Sarcasm and mockery are proven creativity killers, so please refrain.

Honesty. Write about your own personal experience. We are not here to impress people with our talent, erudition or the depth of our soul. Avoid academic jargon and favor the intuitive image. This is not a contest.

We don't necessarily need yet another post on "ecstatic sunrise" or "eternity in a grain of sand"-- they are the experiences of other people-- though if they are also yours, then feel free to report! Just refrain from striving to be deep. Be honest. Everyone would benefit.

If you happen to have a dream, vision, brilliant metaphor, analogy, or allegory, about the ultimate nature of reality, post and let us all share in the insight! These are always welcome!

Consideration. If your vision arrives in the form of an incoherent stream-of-consciousness rant, please edit it for clarity before posting. Use the lj-cut. Liberally. Or, better yet, turn the vision into a concise poem. Great spiritual teachings have been trasmitted in verse: the songs of David and Solomon, Zen Haiku and Buddhist verses...

Favor the heart, the imagination and intuition, over the intellect. When you disagree with someone, listen to your heart before responding. See what image comes to you. Share the image. We are all taking dictation from the same ultimate source here.

Feel free to comment on this community profile, as well as on the interest list. I'm open to altering it for greater clarity.

Please invite those friends you think would be interested in this community.